Services & Capabilities

Bookkeeping, Training, & Consulting


Financial Strategies

Financial strategies area a critical factor in the overall growth of your business. If you haven’t been tending to this area, it’s a good time to make that happen. Our expert team can guide you through everything from personal finances to complex business decisions.


Advanced Consulting

Understanding the financial health of your business and putting that plan into action is just one piece of the puzzle. For many businesses, knowing where to go next is another big question mark. Our team helps you establish the right steps to help your business grow.


Total Support

Creating a plan and purchasing the right products to get your business to the next level are only as good as how well they are implemented. Our team helps you implement and support the new products and services you’ve invested in.

Our Services

From personal financial management to complex business
operations decisions, our expert team of consultants is here to help.



Data Entry Services

We offer services including data entry and bookkeeping services such as estimating, order entry, job costing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, banking and reconciliation, payroll services, inventory, general ledger, financial statements, specialized financial reporting, and other important personal financial management areas. Call us today for more information.



Training Services

Our expert training services include helping you review current accounting systems and status of records, determining chart of accounts, appraising accounts receivable setup, determining best approach for accounts payable, assessing payroll setup (including deductions), and many more training services.


Consulting Services

Consulting services are geared to help you move forward in your business growth. Our consulting services include reviewing your organizing and filing systems, evaluating job locations, evaluating departments, evaluating project costing, helping you determine the most effective training needed and designing a comprehensive action plan, and lastly, on-site principal consulting.



Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting services include aspects such as ensuring proper accounting procedures are being followed, reviewing records for potential embezzlement, investigating and analyzing financial evidence related to fraud and embezzlement. Our team is here to help you stay secure in your financials throughout the life of your business.



Personal Accounting

Our personal accounting and bookkeeping services include  setting up accounts so that you can track what is important to you, organizing filing systems so you are ready for tax season, making sure bills are paid in a timely manner, determining what is important to keep and what to discard, showing you instant reports, and helping you understand the numbers.



Ongoing Support

Investing in our services is the first step. Having us support you as you grow year in and year out is the next. Our seasoned team of  consultants is here to guide you every step of the way in maintaining consistency in your books, identifying improper or abused accounting areas, training new staff members, and being with you personally along the journey.


What our clients say about us

  • "Debbie is friendly and easy to work with. She is an excellent trainer on QuickBooks®. Dangerfield Consulting has helped bring a focus to our business; most importantly, helping us realize that we are not a simple business but a rather complicated one. We are now able to have an up to date status of the business. The best part of working with Debbie is her wonderful southern accent!"
    John Smeaton Flextank, Inc.
  • "We have worked with Debbie Dangerfield on many of our mutual clients since 1998. It is always a pleasure to receive the accounting records from a client that Debbie has worked with because we know the records will be in good shape and it makes our job easier. She has always been responsive to our requests for information and does a very thorough job. Our firm and our mutual clients truly appreciate her work."
    Eddie Patat Turner and Patat, PC
  • "We like the month to month service; this service along with Debbie and her staff make preparing for year end taxes so easy!"
    Eddy ThaxtonReal Estate Broker
  • "Dangerfield Consulting has provided bookkeeping services for our dental practice for several years. Debbie has excellent business skills and with the use of QuickBooks® Pro, she is able to provide us accurate, pertinent and timely information that is vital to the success of the business side of our practice. She has extensive knowledge of Quicken and QuickBooks®, being a Certified QuickBooks® trainer. Because of her specialized training and experience, Debbie is especially valuable for a medical/dental practice. She can be trusted to treat your business information with privacy and discretion."
    Ben Patrick J. Benjamin Patrick, DMD, PC